Anders Holt

[ This page is the first homepage I ever made, It was constructed in the autumn of 1992... And then I updated it in 1998. I orginally used the Unix text editor EMAX. And it was hosted via my account at The University of Oslo. Nice is it not! :-) - ]

Aspiring Philosopher; Mag. art in Philosophy; Philosophical Practitioner
Private:+ (47) 22 46 14 18  -  Mobile: + (47) 92 86 43 47

Lives inside this continuum... feeling like a stranger in a strange land.

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My True homepage

The Norwegian Søren Kierkegaard Society

The Norwegian Society for Philosophical Practise

My (sometimes) favourite philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

Sometimes you will find me at Filosofisk Prosjektsenter

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